How You Can Help


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We are a donor funded ministry.  It costs the ministry $20,000 per woman for 12 months.  If a woman can pay we ask for $4,800 for 12 months.  However, 95% of the women are unable to pay.  We never turn down desperate women due to lack of funds.

In Luke 10:29-36, when the Good Samaritan became involved in the life of the wounded man in the ditch, he committed himself to the man’s total recovery.

We hope you will consider getting involved in God’s work by making an on line donation to assist us in offering this Christian approach to recovery to the many who reach out for it everyday but have no means to pay for it.

Click HERE to make an online donation.

Refuge Ranch Needs

  • Sponsor a woman in Leadership Training
  • Sponsor a woman in the Program
  • Monthly financial support
  • Financial support for specific projects
    • Vehicles for single mothers working to transition from the program successfully
    • Cleaning and laundry products
    • Papergoods
    • Weed eaters

If you need help, please call us at 772-597-0992 or contact us online for more information.

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